Storm Ernesto is heading towards the UK

A sub tropical storm way out in the atlantic is heading towards the UK, the storm is moving north and east will make landfall during Saturday or in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The prediction is that it will pass over the northern part of the UK and a slight chance of it hitting Manchester, although by the time it does make landfall it will be mainly intense rain and moderate winds.

The weather though will decide as ever, so forecasters will be tracking this storm to make sure it stays a sub tropical storm, with our seas being warmer than usual it may intensify, we will keep an eye on this.

Where it does hit, localised flooding is possible, the temperature will be higher than it has been between 22c and 25c in Manchester.

The storm will pass fairly quickly to leave sunday a warm but cloudy day with some sunny spells.


(Photo: NOAA)


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