Being Manchester United manager could make you go around the twist

The stress Jose Mourinho is under at this time is very high, not having the full support of the chairman, slating his player in pre-season saying half of them were dead did not go down well.

The team is all over the place, players not even wanting to play for the club have been kept for one reason or another, Mourinho has much to do to get the players he needs to challenge for the Premier League title and to do well in both domestic and European competition.

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Spurs came to Old Trafford in fairly confident mood, having bought no one manager Pochettino has to make do with what he has, no excuses have been made unlike United.

The game was incredibly fast and exciting as are all Manchester United and Spurs games, it was though to be a bad night for Mourinho and United as they were beaten 0-3 by the North Londoners, the Spurs fans singing so loud the entire borough of Trafford could hear them!

United fans though saw a great game despite the loss and many clapped the team off which the players and manager all appreciated, it was Mourinho though who stayed behind and clapped the fans at the end of the game which was unusual but a nice touch.

The post match press conference was a shambles, with Mourinho storming of shouting respect several times.

The stress was getting to him now that was obvious, Manchester United fans do not really care about what he has achieved at other clubs which is something he went on about during the press conference.

He has won things with United in the past and he can again, it is so early in the season it is just plain stupid to claim United’s season is over! however at this time Mourinho needs to take a chill pill and think what he can do with the current players he has.

To get over personal issues he has with players and bring them in, Martial is one of those players, some fans asked the question where was Mata last night! he is a work horse for the team and never lets anyone down.

The chairman needs to give Mourinho some money for new players at the back and to let go of those who want to leave, these players are destroying any confidence that might be hanging around the dressing room.

If Pogba wants to go let him! get the best amount possible and use that to get the defence sorted out.

If United do nothing, Mourinho stays put and the club ends up outside of the Champions League places for next season, win no domestic cups or anything  then an exodus of players could also leave at the end of the season.

Having no De Gea is unthinkable, having no Pogba is unthinkable these players are class, the side as it is now could do more, it looks though confidence is short, players look tired and just about getting through games.

Some would say to keep Mourinho, he is the man who can win things for the team, it might prove the doubters wrong, others would argue the special one is no longer as special as he once was, with the light fading on what has been a glittery career for Jose Mourinho.




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