Apple confirms date of a special event

Apple have now released the date when they will reveal to the world three new iPhones and a new iWatch and the 12.0 software update.

Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 7.24.39 PM


As ever speculation goes around with pictures and videos of what people believe is the new iPhones, we shall see who had the right information at the special event on September 12.

You will need an Apple device to watch the event which is set to be one of the most anticipated in the history of this 1bn dollar company.

From what has been said around the world it looks as if the new iPhones will be much bigger and a cheaper iPhone will be released which we believe will be around the £500 mark including VAT.

The £500 we are told will be delayed until October, and is set to be very popular, people going on pay monthly will get one of these devices for around £20/25 depending on your tariff.

The circle in the teaser picture could represent a camera, although we know all will not increase above  12 mega pixels, it is believed some big improvements are going to be made.

With Samsung flying the flag with both the Note 9 and S9 including Huawei P20 Pro proving very popular, Apple will need to make sure its cameras and software are as good or better, anything less would be not only a disaster but incredibly dissapointing.

Fingers crossed….

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