Government set to increase the price of a single use plastic bag soon

Plastics have become a huge problem for our oceans and aquatic life, it damages eco systems and will end up in the human food chain.

The government is trying hard to tackle this type of pollution and decided to make us all pay 5p for a shopping bag, this has been a success and are now considering raising the price to 10p.

We suggest to buy a bag for life once it does go to 10p as you can get replacements if it ever breaks for free, they tend to be much stronger so no issues with bags breaking in the middle of the road.

The thing is where does all this money go to? what about the statistics of how many bags have been sold in every store? we asked a Co-operative worker and was told no one counts how many bags have been sold.

If the government are handing out misleading statistics (which does not surprise us) then someone is making a lot of money! and they could even claim the money is going to good causes! great! which one? same with the Lottery when was the last time they said anything about where your money goes to?

We have to look after our oceans that there is no question and we should all play our part, however we should not be conned with misleading information by one if not the most irresponsible crackpot Tory governments in UK history.

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