RSPCA found dog battered with holes in its head and tail burnt

WARNING: Distressing Image

A lurcher dog was found by RSPCA officials roaming around Little Orton in Carlisle with a hole in its head and severe injuries.

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The dog had many wounds to the side of its face and had its tail and behind burnt in what was a horrific attack on a defenseless dog.

RSPCA officials are trying to trace the dogs owners so they can find out who tortured this animal anyone with any information must call 0300 123 8018.

The dog named as Bruce is a bull lurcher cross and are often used for illegal hunting according to the RSPCA.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Rob Melloy said: “The dog was reported as a stray and collected by the dog warden but as soon as she saw him she knew he needed immediate veterinary attention and rushed him to a nearby clinic, in Carlisle, where staff contacted us.

“The poor dog had a swollen, protruding eye and a deep, hole in the top of his skull. His face was bloodied and battered, and his tail had been burned.

“Vets examined him and, on closer inspection, found he had several deep puncture wounds to the side of his face.

“We believe this poor dog has been beaten with a screwdriver or a piece of wood with a nail hammered into it, giving him the severe puncture wounds and nasty eye injury which has then become infected.

“The fur and skin around his rear end and tail are also scalded and burned as if someone has tried to set him on fire.

“He’s very skinny and, as well as the puncture wounds on his head and face, his skull has also been fractured in several places and his jaw is broken.

“Poor Bruce was stabilised overnight and rushed into surgery on Friday, 31 August, for emergency life-saving treatment.It’s touch and go whether he’ll survive at the moment and, if he pulls through, he’ll need major, reconstructive surgery to repair the damage to his skull.Vets believe he’s had these injuries for around three to four days.

“I can’t begin to imagine the suffering he’s endured at the hands of such violence and in the days after, where he’s simply been abandoned and left for dead.

“Poor Bruce must have been so frightened and confused, and he must be in so much pain.

“This is one of the most upsetting and shocking cases I’ve ever come across. In 20 years of service, it’s truly one of the worst cases of cruelty I’ve seen. I’ll never understand how someone could be so brutally violent towards a loyal, loving dog. It’s heartbreaking and I really hope Bruce pulls through.”



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