Peel plans to build 14 new homes on Central Road in Partington

Peel Holdings have submitted plans to the council for 14 new homes to be built on Central Road in Partington.

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Peels application on the face of it is a good one and we expect this to be passed when it goes before planners at the council.

The design looks great and enough is done for car parking, we do not agree with SCP who did the travel assessments, they claim Partington has cycling infrastructure! although cycle lanes on Warburton Lane is helpful,  we do not agree with TFGM who according to SCP said that Moss Lane is regarded as a safe route, it certainly is not and we advise all cyclists to use caution.

We are not sure about if the new housing development will be affordable or private rent at this time although it is hoped it will be afforfable and must not get in the hands of Your Housing Group who continue to neglect the area and lie to the very people who keep it alive!

Every house built will have its own small back garden and although the design looks good, the houses at least on print look a little bit close to each other which might present some privacy or neighbour issues.

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Peel have sent out a document to local people and Trafford Labour councillors including Parish Councillors about the plans to install the new housing development.

Anti social behaviour is high near Central Road and we feel having housed just over the way from the shopping centre might present a problem and despite the crime impact statement feel that if the housing development gets the green light security is in people’s minds before anything is built.

This housing development will cause a few problems, an increase in patients at the doctors will further cause existing patients problems, more cars on the road, more pollution something Peel have overlooked in all documents seen.

The area needs entertainment infrastructure, a development like Bramley Farm in Broadheath would have been ideal for Partington.





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