Crash at Eastway in Sale causes rush hour madness

A three car collision occurred just after 4pm today at Eastway Junction on Washway Road in Sale.

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Eyewitnesses who saw the incident unfold told us that the driver of a white Vauxhall Corsa came rushing towards the lights south bound, he failed to beat the lights and smashed into a Fiat 500 vehicle who was turning right from Woodhouse Lane.

It is not known how the other car thought to be a Peugeot became involved at this time.

We were told that the black Fiat 500 tuned over several times before coming to a stop.

The same people also told us along with others that a male in the white Vauxhall car was the one at fault and he was being spoken to by police.

It is not known yet about the condition of the woman driving the Fiat 500 vehicle although people tell us that a woman was taken out with leg injuries and went to hospital.

Police stayed at the scene until the last vehicle was removed from the road and a One Trafford van came to help clean up the mess.

Residents were shocked at what they had seen, and wanted some action to stop the madness on this dangerous and polluted road.


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