Windy week ahead as ex-hurricane Helene visits the UK

Ex hurricane Helene that has been in the atlantic for a few days is to visit the UK bringing very windy weather and lots of rain.

Screenshot 2018-09-16 at 8.44.07 PM

Nullschool Image: Helene

The western side of the UK will get the worst of the storm, winds expected will be around 70mph in parts.

Helene will be at her worst late on Monday evening and overnight, some localised flooding is also to be expected in some areas.

The week ahead looks very unsettled with more strong winds on Wednesday and Thursday, we have been told by a weather forecaster that Thursday will see a new named storm coming and will hit Manchester, it is thought that this new storm will be worse than Helene, we will keep everyone updated nearer the time.

Friday is expected to be the best day with a ridge of high pressure over the UK which means dry weather and some sunshine.

Weekend another storm is to hit the UK from the west, we will have more on this storm on Friday.

throughout the week the temperature will be high, tomorrow even with Helene ready to hit the UK, tropical air from it will lift up the temprature to around 23c in Manchester so it will feel very warm.



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