Solar observatory in the US re-opens after it was mysteriously closed down

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The Sunspot Solar Observatory in Sacramento New Mexico has now re-opened after the FBI moved everyone out of the area where the sun telescope was.

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AURA ( Association of Universities for Reasearch in Astronomy) gave a statement about why the area was in lockdown.

On the official website it read “AURA has been cooperating with an ongoing law enforcement investigation of criminal activity that occurred at Sacramento Peak. During this time, we became concerned that a suspect in the investigation potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents. For this reason, AURA temporarily vacated the facility and ceased science activities at this location.

“The decision to vacate was based on the logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel at such a remote location, and the need for expeditious response to the potential threat. AURA determined that moving the small number of on-site staff and residents off the mountain was the most prudent and effective action to ensure their safety.”

You can view the full statement by AURA HERE

As of now many people are still not convinced of the statement and others on YouTube have shown that something was seen eclipsing the sun at the same time the location was under FBI control.

Other videos that have been seen were far less convincing, none of the videos you can see right now have been verified as true, however if it was a criminal issue then this surely had to be a police situation not a FBI one, why was the police not able to get any information on what was going on?

Lots of things do not add up, and the statement although valid has been all but rubbished by the majority of people around the world, who rightly want to know the truth.


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