Are political councillors a bunch of power crazy hypocrites or a force for good?

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Like it or not all our lives are dominated by politics, even if you do not follow it or care about it, everything that happens politics will have played a part in your life.

Councillors are like the messengers of the great big power called the MP, they are in place to represent the residents of the ward they have chosen to work in, and get paid very well to do so.

They play a big part in the community and often do a great job for residents in need of help or whatever the issues are, however some are really only there it seems for the money and the power the job gives them.

One individual who used to be with the Liberal Democrats but sadly never elected told me once “All politicians are liars” this I can agree with, looking at Bucklow councillors that is all they have ever done, without singling them out, simply because many others are doing the same thing.

Leaders of a political party need to get a grip of this situation, as we are all coming into turbulent waters as we leave the EU, all these new houses and flats springing up on just about every bit of land there is, pollution fears, and so on.

In my view a councillor should be helping all the residents, having a surgery once a month is more than enough, if the councillor thinks once a fortnight is great then even better!

It took several articles about Adele New from Partington to get her to do something for her ward although it is agreed someone who knows nothing about politics must be given time, she won in her ward well before the vote had taken place last year simply because Tories, LIb Dems, UKIP, and Greens did not field anyone, it was simply unfair, un-democratic and a complete farce that these local people who have been ignored and abandoned and robbed! for so long had only one person to vote for.

It was so bad that her leaflet did not even have any policies on it and was the most tatty looking leaflet I have ever seen, since we have been on this she has now sent out a better leaflet to people in the area, much better quality and more than the other two who seemingly do not really care about Partington or Bucklow, she has at least done a little something for the residents.

All Bucklow councillors though should hold their heads in shame for letting the housing group continue to treat people like trash, shutting them doors at Gilmour House was the last straw! they should have been there for talks, the lies the housing have given to the  residents through the years is off the scale, where were the councillors in this? they should have stopped this madness.

We know of other councillors in Trafford also sitting on the job, doing the simplest of things and only doing something when a resident complains or when an MP comes to visit!, and even then the effort is not great.

Going forward we would like to see change with these people being elected to represent the public, I think many residents of Trafford are fed up of the same old councillors doing nothing and showing off on Twitter about how they are enjoying a long holiday in a place where normal people would have to win the lottery to get to, knowing many of those that voted for him opr her are struggling like hell back home.

For Bucklow ward we will do our best as we did last year to make sure you have more than one party to vote for, you deserve better!

To all those councillors who go above what is expected of you more so the ones in Urmston we salute you, you are the leaders of your community, the care and passion you have shown is something all the other lazy type uncaring power crazy money grabbing baffoons can learn from.

Lastly the public need good councillors now even more than ever, I do not slate anyone for no reason, it is for good reason since I can see what is going on, looking from inside the glass bottle out is hard for many to do, I can do this and once you can, you will see how many people are being betrayed right now and have been for decades…its time for change.


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