£100 worth of meat is stolen is a daily problem for a Co-op store in Sale

Co-operative food stores are being robbed on a daily basis after we investigated, one store at Brooklands in Sale is being robbed of meats worth over £100 a day.

The weekend just gone a guy just came in the store in normal clothes, and took over £150 worth of meat and casually walked out with it, the staff saw what had happened but did nothing.

One manager told me that police will not do anything unless the items that were stolen amounted to £100, the store is being hit on a daily basis, however police are hardly called.

It is a simple thing to steal from that store, when all the kids are in at dinner time, completely jamming up the place, they are seen putting things in their jackets, we caught two of them trying to steal sandwiches and alerted a nearby member of staff who on that occasion did challenge them.

Staff are always telling us that “Police do not turn up so it is a waste of time, and when they do come out nothing is done”

The member sof staff is also aware of the dangers of challenging people these days, as many people are tooled up, or more happy to attack than at any other time, simply because of a poor police presence, and the 101 number which is basically out of use, so no one can report anything.

CCTV is therefore completely useless as a deterrent against shop lifting.


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