Trafford councillors approve a people’s vote at a council meeting last night

Trafford councillors approve a people’s vote for Brexit in the chambers last night after a motion put forward by Trafford Liberal Democrats and supported by the Trafford Green Party.



Since Trafford passed this, many other councils in the North West are expected to follow.

Trafford Lib Dems councillor Jane Brophy full statement of what was said last night is below:

“Nearly six in ten of Trafford residents (58%) voted to remain in the EU. Clearly our Trafford residents already know the huge benefits the EU brings to our community. And latest polling suggests the number who would like to Remain in the EU has increased, with many calling for a people’s vote – who are we to deny them that?”

“Major companies have offered stark warnings about the impact of Brexit on British jobs and our economy as our Government publishes the contingency advice of no-deal. No-deal could result in catastrophic damage to jobs, the economy, our environmental and livelihoods. Our capacity to deliver services as local authority, especially in health and social care, would be severely impacted by a no-deal Brexit”

“It is our job to promote a bright future for all our young people. Are councillors in this chamber comfortable sitting back, knowing that Brexit will cause a massive economic slowdown… just as those who were too young to vote in 2016 hit the job market, or start the final stages of their education?”

On the night Trafford Labour leader Andrew Western gave all his councillors a free vote, the Tories as expected went against it although lost on the night.

The Brexit debate is in full swing and over the coming weeks and months as we head into 2019 things will really get interesting, will we head into the unknown head first or will sense prevail and the government slows itself down a bit and took a deep breath and actually listened to the people of the UK for once!




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