Cheshire Wildlife Trust concerned with the application of the proposed housing development on Heath Farm Lane in Partington

The Cheshire Wildlife Trust has a number of concerns about a proposed housing development that could be built on Heath Farm Lane in Partington.

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In that area and around Carrington Moss is the home of many bird species and protected lizards and water voles, the trust is very concerned at the loss of habitat once and if this housing development is ever built.

The trust says the application fails to take into account of the Skylark and Lapwing birds which are protected here in Trafford, other concerns are that surveys have not been completed about ground nesting birds, they claim the wider Carrington Moss area has been identified in the Ecological Framework for Greater Manchester.

If the housing development is built it will mean the loss of 1.5ha of lowland broad-leaved lowland and 181m of hedgerow both of which are national priority habitats and both have also been described as being a local asset.

Only 5m away from the proposed housing development is a ditch that was known to support water voles, the application says nothing about the impact of this fastly becoming extinct species here in the UK, the vole is a protected species.

With all the birds, voles and the common lizards present along with other species such as hedgehogs and foxes, including a range of bat species along with many others the Cheshire Wildlife Trust wants the developer to incorporate the design around these habitats so nothing is lost.

It also wants the developer to understand about the impacts on these often protected species and habitats and to make sure nothing is disturbed and look into risk assessments after its built so no damage can be caused by human activity and pets.

News4Trafford remain opposed to this housing development, and councillors should make sure that before anything is built, with this or any other housing development that local people now are not impacted and including Carrington Moss.



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