Mourinho says he is not to blame for the problems at Manchester United

Jose Mourinho tells the world the responsibility of all Manchester United’s problems right now is not only his problem but a collective one.

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Mourinho in his latest press conference said “the performance on the pitch is the result of many factors, everybody has a role to play, when we lose it is the responsibility of everyone”

“I think some care more than others” he said  but he declined to answer who are the players who cared or did not care, having said that some care more than others opens a new can of worms.

In this latest press conference, he tells of players who have two sides to them, however he believes some are honest some are not

He agreed that Alexis was a great player but not performing at his best.

Mourinho also declined to answer questions about his future and declined to answer whether he had spoken to the chairman Ed Woodward.

It does not matter what Mourinho has done in the past, we are all aware of what he has done, it is the now people remember and at this time he is under serious pressure.

A win tonight in the Champions League is vital for Mourinho and Manchester United,



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