Shannon Airport Air Traffic Control suffered a technical issue and flights diverted

Shannon Airport in Ireland had a technical issue earlier this evening October 2nd which resulted in aircraft being diverted.

Screenshot 2018-10-02 at 10.58.17 PM

Image: IAA

At this time it is not clear what the technical issue was, some people on social media asked the IAA about what the technical issue was which knocked out Shannon and Cork’s ATC towers.

No Manchester flights were affected during the outages, however this was a serious incident and could have knock on effects for other airports in both Ireland and the UK depending on what investigation teams find out.

A spokesperson for the IAA said:

“Earlier this evening a technical issue occurred with the Shannon ATC system.

Safety is the IAA’s main priority and in accordance with normal procedure the IAA restricted air traffic while the issue was being investigated.

Flights to and from Shannon and Cork were affected by the restriction.  Dublin was not affected.

As part of planned contingency, the IAA moved to its back-up systems and the flight restrictions have been lifted.

Traffic flows are now in the process of being restored to normal capacity.

Flights are now operating again to and from Shannon and Cork.

An investigation into the technical issue is ongoing.

Intending passengers should check with their airlines.

We hope to have more on this incident shortly.”


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