Trafford needs to switch to a safer weed killer to protect residents, pets and wildlife

A couple of years back we investigated what chemicals Trafford Council were using on weeds and other vegitation, we requested through a freedom of information request what it was they used for killing weeds and they told us it was ‘glyphosate.

Glyphosate is banned in several countries, in 2020 it will be banned from use in France, the makers of RoundUp Monsanto have been fighting in court cases against people who claim glyphosate caused there cancers.

The UK are still in study mode it seems, although they are aware of what the World Health Organisation has said, one report from them can be found HERE

When Trafford did a borough wide weed killing tour a couple of years ago, we watched them go around in motorised buggies, spraying every weed they could see, it was a huge job that took several weeks to complete.

We also noticed how protected they were, chemical suits and masks were worn, this is protecting the workers, however if there were no problems with this chemical then surely only a simple bit of protection would have been needed.

Trafford are still using glyphosate in 2018! and in the last council meeting the issue was raised, they are to continue use of the chemical until more information is known about how toxic glyphosate is.

The weed killer could be seen bubbling as it made contact with rain water on Washway Road in Sale, this could have ended up over cyclists, even in their mouths and eyes as the wheels would have sprayed it all over them, even pedestrians would have come into contact with this chemical as drivers normally always make sure they are soaked by splashing them.

We suggest to Trafford to discontinue the use of this chemical with immediate effect to protect residents from any harm, and protect themselves from possible future legal action.




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