Ambulance staff got a sweet surprise in Altrincham this week

Often Ambulance crews go out of their way to provide a first class service that has become the best in the world.


Image: @NWambulance

Some time this week in the Altrincham area ambulance staff returned to the vehicle and saw something under the windscreen wipers, someone had left two bags of chocolates for them.

It was such a kind gesture North West Ambulance tweeted a message.

A spokesperson for NW ambulance said:  “Whar a lovely surprise this week, we’re always blown away by the support we get from the community-our staff work extremely hard to help others and never do it for thanks or recognition but sometimes just a simple thank you really means so much”

It does not happen often and was such a nice story we had to tell it, restoring faith in humanity and shows how we really feel about our amazing  (truly under valued by this reckless and often evil government) our emergency services are.



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