Manchester United win whilst Mourinho feels he is subject to a man hunt!

Manchester United went into the Newcastle United game at Old Trafford with zero confidence after the worst start to a season in 29-years.

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Reports in other media suggested that this was to be Mourniho’s last game as manager of Manchester United, and it did not start great as his team were behind by two goals in the first half, things could have been much worse for United as the visitors pressed hard for a third.

In the second half United looked like they all had a red bull or two as they were completely different, fast to the ball, and doing everything they could to win that game, and United managed to score three times and win the game, even Alexis scored which it is hoped will now end his bad run and show what a great player he is.

It was Mourinho’s after match talk with BT Sports that was interesting, he kept talking about a ‘Man hunt’ and that he is 55 and can handle it.

Other comments like “Some of the boys in spite the fact that they are not the man hunted I think they are not coping well with it, in the first half they were panicking and they were that bad they could,t even score in their own goal”

“Too much wickedness in football that is supposed to be beautiful”

“Marcus Rashford was sad on the pitch Scott McTpminay was scared on the pitch”

“The players do not play for the manager if the players play for the manager they are not good professionals”

Interesting Mourinho mentioned that even if they do not like the manager they still play for the money.

Mourinho mentioned that he does not like the fans singing his name, he went on to say “If it rains in London tomorrow its my fault, and if the decision to go with Brexit its my fault”

Ex Manchester United star Paul Scholes “I didn’t like the comments about McTominay and Rashford, I dont think that will help them, maybe its something he could have said behind closed doors” and he mentioned that he would not have liked it.

Mourinho although saying he can take it, actually is having issues with being in the Manchester United spotlight, it seems every press conference, every interview that millions are watching he is just putting more pressure on himself and inches closer to parting company, although of course he has a couple of more years left on his contract.

It seems like Mourinho will stay, all be it until it is impossible to get a Champions League place next season! we shall have to see what happens, maybe now the players will perform like they did in the second half and if that is the case and Alexis does start showing what he is made of, United will be fine.

Remember we are only in October, to many people right now sounding like its almost the end of the season, whilst United have lost a bit of ground in the league, it is too early to say they are out of the race already, other teams will have slip ups along the way, and loss of form, United have had there blip, and now it will be full steam ahead with an exciting style of football Manchester United are known for and most importantly the team wins and keeps on winning.


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