Manchester half marathon 2018 information

The Manchester half marathon comes to Trafford on Sunday and many roads will be closed for the event.


Image: Darren Marsden

All information on road closures and times can be found by clicking HERE

The route will be much the same as last year starting near Old Trafford going through Stretford and Sale, along Eastway and turns back on itself to the finishing line at The Emirates.

This race will be a competitive one with some elite athletes taking part including for the first time distance runner Andy Vernon who competed in the 2016 summer Olympics, Vernon is also a two times European Athletic championships medalist.

If you are running the event and have not done this before or just getting the running bug, we have some good advice for you:

Trainers: Make sure you do not wear a brand new pair of trainers on the day no matter how good they are! this could end in disaster,  always wear a good pair of trainers that you have been wearing for a bit, new trainers are more likely to rub on your feet, or some stitching on the sides or tongue could scratch up your foot.

Socks: Another crucial bit of kit, do not wear cheap socks! you will regret it! get yourself down to Sports Direct or another sports store and buy Nike or Adidas trainer socks, making sure you check the stitching, most often on the branded socks the stitching is excellent and won’t rip up your feet.

Upper body clothing will depend on the weather conditions, we will be offering a weather forecast on our weather link, although we suggest a very lightweight breathable running top, again look for stitching, again depending on the conditions wear running tights or shorts.

When running it is annoying when you have loads of things with you, so keep everything to a minimum.

Running technique: To run correctly you need to keep your head looking at the horizon at all times, legs and arms working together, hands relaxed, everything should be relaxed, try to keep the knee-high as you can, this is the perfect stride and will see you save loads of energy.

Try slip streaming people, instead of being exposed to the elements get in behind someone or a group of runners more so if you are running well, this will save you energy.

The night before you may be too exited to even eat anything, Saturday will be important to eat the right things and drink plenty of fluid! not the booze type either, no eating chinese this is bad, no indian stuff, just light meals, pasta dishes, go easy on cheese, and do not eat much after 7.30pm.

Keep hydrated in the morning of the race although take it easy as you don’t want to have to stop a few times during the race.

Lastly and more important is to have a great time, we wish everyone well during the event.


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