Fracking starts at a site in Lancashire after an appeal to stop it failed

Fracking has started at a site in Little Plumpton in Lancashire after a high court bid for it to be stopped failed last Friday.

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Protesters have had to let Cuadrilla get on with the continued destruction of our planet.

The fight will continue onwards for all protesters and people who care about this planet, and we fully support them.

Fracking is not safe, it has caused earth tremors and even fire to come out of taps! toxic gasses are released back into the atmosphere and often water supplies are affected.

With the government handling this so badly, fracking will hit many other sites in the North West, here in Trafford could be next! and anywhere, if they find a rich reserve of shale gas they have the rights to knock down your home.

Even with a legal challenge, it is lawful for them to do this, although expect it to be fairly rare, most sites will be away from housing developments to ease resistance.

Our planet is going through a tough time, with aircraft spewing out tonnes of toxic pollution, to cars, vans,buses and HGV’s all helping to pollute at ground level, our oceans are full of plastic including our canals and rivers, trees are being cut down the very thing that helps the planet.

Fracking is going very deep into the earth, much too deep if the truth was known, the shale gas is extracted, once depleted they cover it all up and go somewhere else.

The government needs to aim for cleaner fuel and energy not the dirty type that is causing the earth the retaliate, and we are already seeing this, the earth is now 1 degree warmer than at any other time.

Climate scientists have figured out we cannot go past 1.5 degrees so that is just 0.5 degrees before we see the level of our sea rise and coastal communities having to move further inland, can you imagine that? Trafford would not cop, Manchester would not cope.

We will end up this way, the future of this planet is in the hands of those that run it, the governments of the world, the third world countries need the most help, the amount of pollution in them countries is off the scale, damaging our climate even more.

Fracking could be what helps us reach 0.5c faster, we need to think clearly, and those in the government have chosen to ignore this and the doom and gloom scenario is awaiting us, faster than we could ever expect as nature hits us back.

Without land we are all doomed,as money and power blinds us all into a bleak future for ourselves and for our children.


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