HS2 confirm ancient burial ground in Warburton and other post-medieval structures

HS2 draft environmental statement reveals they are to reduce impacts on heritage assets including an ancient burial ground in Warburton.

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Image: Google Maps: Burial Ground

We were the first to advise HS2 about the ancient burial ground, we know it’s there and have advised HS2 to work around the burial ground and leave it in-tact and undisturbed.

HS2 also reveal other assets in the area including a post-medieval house and garden on Bent Lane, Warburton Park, and a post-medieval brick yard east of Millbank Hall.

You can view the full environmental statement here >>>>> https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/745083/HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES_Non_Technical_Summary.pdf

Partington will also be affected by HS2 which comes within a mile south of Oak Road, HS2 in the statement reveals plans to do all they can to reduce noise and other things that could cause issues to local people.

Some reports suggested Dunham will be affected by HS2, however having checked the route map we could see HS2 does not go anywhere near it, We think Wythenshawe will see the biggest problems once HS2 comes to town.

A consultation about the environmental draft is now out and people are urged to take part, to have your say, although we believe consultations are misleading the public into believing they have a say, HS2 have listened to the public so it is important to have your say, you can find the details of how to participate in the consultation by clicking this LINK

HS2 will speed up things, it is hoped also this link will help bring Eurostar to Manchester, this we are sure would be of great benefit to anyone wanting to travel to France and beyond.

We will keep on at HS2 to make sure they do not disturb the ancient burial ground near Warburton Park and other post-medieval structures, we need to keep hold of our history.

The ancient burial ground that is currently under a mound actually was part of a monastery, this monestry was destroyed sadly, a farm-house sits on where it once stood.






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