50MW gas plant to be built in Carrington

A huge 50 mega watt gas plant could be built if aproved by planners on land near to the power station on Manchester Road in Carrington.

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The Energy Plant that has been proposed would function as a gas peaking plant and would operate when there are high levels of demand for electricity, which is known as peaking demand, or where there is a shortfall in the supply of electricity.

Gas peaking plants provide flexibility and  is especially critical as more conventional power stations come off-line, hopefully replaced with more renewable energy technologies, we need to get away from fossil fuels as this is what is damaging the environment!

The Proposed plant would help to ensure that National Grid is able to offer the electricity to everyone as we have always had.

Environmental issues do come into question when building a huge big plant next to another one, most of the issues people will face like noise pollution and other forms of pollution is according to a report not going to be an issue.

With HIMOR set to develop this gigantic new Carrington village and if the Heath Farm Lane housing development ever gets the green light, demand will only increase in that area.

The plant would be seen from a distance but does not cause any issues for local people, we expect the plant to be given the green light with some conditions.

The Proposed plant would consist of:

  • Gas engine generation units with 15m  exhaust chimney stacks,
  • air intake,extraction ventilation flues and an extraction fan;
  • Electrical transformer units;
  • Fan assisted cooling radiators;
  • Electrical sub‐station;
  • Clean and waste oil storage tanks;
  • Compressed air building;
  • Gas connection consisting of an over ground pipeline back to the gas main within the power station and a meter kiosk located within the Site;
  • Underground electrical cabling;
  • A new access track providing access to and  from Carrington Power Station;
  • Construction and compound area;
  •  Security fencing and lighting and parking area.

Although often developers bring in specialists to make sure the environment does not suffer, some things will no doubt and it is hoped a more thorough investigation takes place to make sure wildlife and habitats are not disturbed and pollution from this plant is kept to a minimum.


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