Partington to get new GP surgery as the population is set for a big rise soon

We have official information that a new doctors surgery will be opened up once the first housing development is created.

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Image: Google Maps

Our source who works in the NHS and is active on the council board told confirmed to us Partington people do not have to worry, “In the eventof a population rise we will without question make sure everyone has access to a GP and no one needs to worry”

We will find out soon if the Heath Farm Lane housing development will be built, and of course the HIMOR Future Carrington village has been given the green light, no news as yet on the Warburton Lane housing developments which we think the far western side development will be looked at again due to HS2.

The population at the last census in Partington was just over 8000 and they have only one doctors surgery comprising of two sides, in total and at the time of pubishing only 6 doctors for the entire area work there, and we believe one of them doctors is shortly to leave!

We feel something should be done now for Partington and not to wait for a population increase, getting this sorted now would make sense to us and to the residents in Partington.


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