Titanic 2 will be built and ready to sail in 2022 costing millions of pounds

Titanic was the ship of dreams and ended up the ship of horrors as it ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic after hitting an iceberg on 15th April 1912.

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Original Titanic sets off towards America

Decades later and an Australian business man named as Clive Palmer who ownes Blue Star Line Pty Ltd is to bring back the Titanic only this time with an extra 1000 more people on board and safety in mind.

Titanic 2 ship is being built by CSC Jinling in China will have 10 decks, weighing in at a gigantic 56,000 tonnes and will 175ft in height.

The cost of building this new ship will be around $500m AUS which in UK pounds is nearer £300m this though is only an estimate and likely the figure once built will be nearer the 1bn mark.

Titanic herself is at the bottom of the atlantic, 1,500 souls lost during the early hours, many froze to death, as soon as you hit that water, breathing will be hard, the pain many had to endure, rich and poor must have been horrific.

Lots have been said about what happened to Titanic, and many blame the owners or the captain, either way the ship which had a fire on board before it even went to sea was not fit to sail and it would then be the individual or individuals that gave it the green light to continue onwards towards America ultimately to blame.

The new Titanic will have no such problems, with safety of paramount importance and in these days navigation is far superior.

Already though Titanic 2 has had some negative feedback as the Jinling shipyard has it is claimed never built a passenger ship, they have only ever built cargo ships, will this cause concerns for people? time will tell.

Titanic 2 is set to sail sometime in 2022 unless another delay occurs which would put it back further.


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