Traffic chaos and pollution concerns things the Mayor of Manchester is trying to tackle with your help

The Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham took a huge leap into resolving our transport and pollution issues out today.


He basically wants some co-operation from members of the public to switch to the Metrolink and buses rather than use the car.

The idea makes sense however lets look at this deeper, Manchester’s population is increasing, and so space decreases on our roads since nearly everyone has a car, the space decreases because no new roads are built.

When cars and vans and buses including taxis and HGV are stuck in a long line of traffic for hours this causes the most pollution, to keep them all moving would be the best result in this case, of course the winning idea would be to remove as much traffic away from areas where people live and play as much as possible.

The Mayor needs to get something done about the persistent problem of mums and dads bringing their kids to school blocking up the traffic when they only live around the corner, similarly people who live only yards away from a local shop or takeaway do not need to be jumping in the car.

This is where Burnham needs the public’s help, and he probably will not get that help, people will defend this in their heads, thinking “I pay a fortune for this car in taxes why should I leave the car at home” or “It’s too cold outside” or “Its to rainy to walk a few yards to school or shops”

In defence of such people their is no incentives to change, cycling is too dangerous and looking at Trafford even on the Bridgewater Canal tow path can be dangerous with cyclists coming at you at about 40mph with an evil look on there faces like they all had a bad day, or that some think they are in the Tour De France.

Cycling infrastructure must be improved as soon as it possibly can, walking routes improved, more running tracks even the shale ones are good enough so long as they are looked after.

Then there are the councillors, one recent Trafford Council meeting will never be forgotten when they all agreed to tackle pollution, for once the councillors and the public watching were in agreement, then they spoilt it all offering cheaper car parking fees which has the opposite effect, one Trafford Labour councillor at the time did mention the word ‘hypocrisy’ and how true he was!

Political people are the ones in control, whether we like it or not they have the keys to what happens to all the boroughs of Manchester, I would say 98% of these people drive a car, we challenge them all to bring out their bikes even the out of shape ones! or take public transport to all the council meetings, and I bet they can’t even do that! as the saying goes and we are speaking to the councillors here “Shut up or put up”

Pollution kills thousands every year, whilst we can blame the councillors and other political people for not always helping although we appreciate Andy Burnham’s efforts, The public can also help reduce pollution, we then ask you to have a think about a walk or cycle to school, and a trip to the shops just leave the car at home, you would be doing your bit to not only improving the air you and your family and pets breathe, you would also be getting some exercise which improves your health.



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