Urmston leisure centre will have full disabled facilities and maybe a sensory room

Urmston Leisure Centre will have full disabled facilities as part of the multi million pound redevelopment plans.

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We can confirm Urmston will have full disable facilities although nothing down for a sensory room just yet, Trafford Leisure has though kept it open, so if people want a sensory room they must tell them and something will be sorted out.

A Trafford Leisure spokesman, said: “I am pleased to confirm that the building will be fully compliant with all DDA regulations. The council working in partnership with the architects will of course look to make sure that accessibility and provision is fully catered for.”

Trafford will not want to discriminate against disabled people and we are grateful of the good news that this new leisure centre will have everything for disabled people and likely a sensory room, something we will also push for.

This article has nothing to do with a petition that is currently gaining strength which you can find by clicking https://www.change.org/p/trafford-council-planning-stop-disability-discrimination-by-trafford-council

We have seen the petition and support it fully, we have also made Trafford Leisure aware of the issues and have yet had a response to that, once we get this from Trafford Leisure we will publish it.


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