Brand new aircraft crashes in Indonesia killing all 181 people and 7 crew on board

A Beoing 737-8 Max aircraft operated by Indonesian budget airline ‘Lion’ has crashed into the Java sea close to where it had taken off in Jakarta.

Screenshot 2018-10-29 at 12.41.22 PM

The aircraft with 181 passengers and 7 crew members are all feared dead.

It is thought the aircraft which only went into service in August only reached a maximum altitude of 5,400ft before plunging into the Java sea.

Reports also suggest that a complaint about the aircraft had been made on a previous trip, engineers checked it out and passed it as fit to fly.

Rescue teams are currently searching the area to recover bodies that are still within the aircraft in shallow waters.

The search for the Black box data recorders is underway and will explain better why this brand new aircraft came down, along with ATC coverage and any wreckage divers are able to recover.



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