As the abandoned rail line through Trafford comes to life next year we explore a mystery tunnel

The abandoned and soon to be brought back into life rail line that goes from Salford, through Trafford at Partington, Broadheath, and Timperley holds more history than you might think.

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The line actually continues onward out towards Stockport, having investigated we can see the line goes through a tunnel, the weird thing is where does it end? no openings anywhere can be seen, we though have the answers….

As it happens this is where the history begins, the Cheshire Lines railway ended somewhere near this tunnel at a station called Stockport Tivot Dale.

Tivot Dale station was built-in 1874 and closed in 1967, at the station was 4 lines which had a couple of goods lines and commuter lines, the line from Partington was at its end and the decision was made to close the station.

Partington rail station was closed in 1964.

The tunnel in the picture has been half filled in, further north and east under a housing development is the train station, it could be possible to explore the tunnel to see what else can be found, it has been said it has only been ‘half’ filled in!

This line has some incredible history to it, and it will be alive once more next year as steam trains will be seen, it is also thought Metrolink have shown some interest in the possibility of using the line and linking it up to the existing Altrincham line.

Because some Carrington residents do not want any roads built to save Carrington Moss having this train line come back alive again must be music to the ears, to Partington residents it will be music to the ears also, will it though help reduce the chaos looming on the horizon?




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