Future Carrington-Partington’s nightmare work starts this month

Building starts on the first part of the Future Carrington village sometime this month.


Carrington Gateway is a 19-acre commercial development, it is expected work on the 725 new homes will be built soon after.

We are completely against this development, we feel that Partington residents have been forgotten about, have been fed and continue to be fed a pack of lies from those that claim to represent them.

Back when Himor was still in consultation, the councillor back then and a ‘very good’ one at that! was Karina Carter, she tells us that without question at planning stage she did not agree with the plans, sadly James Wright went the other way and voted to green light the project.

We went to a consultation event listening in, we got many emails from worried Partington residents about the traffic situation, and pollution.

It is simply a complete disgrace, a nasty joke on the people of Partington, a two finger salute from the MP, although this does not mean she is a bad MP just because of this.

Whilst we have no issues at all about progress, and change! we do have an issue regarding people being ignored, more so those in power that are there not just to have holidays and have a great time on your money!, these people are supposed to represent you, they did nothing.

Traffic will be at a standstill for a long time once this and other housing developments are built, planners and even the councillors and MP have probably not even thought about the Heath Farm Lane hybrid housing development (if it is ever built)  and Peel’s developments, also Warburton Lane housing developments which we expect to be given the thumbs up.

725 homes in Carrington = how many more cars will be on the road? then you have vans and HGV’s, also relatives and friends coming in, all will have to go down Manchester Road, on top of this normal traffic that is present today, then add another almost 700 new homes at Heath Farm Lane plus the Peel developments, how can anyone ignore this? where are all these cars going to go? in the sky?

Kate Green, MP for Stretford and Urmston, said: “Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Carrington’s history and an important milestone in delivering a new vision for the future of the site as a home for both business and local families.”

“I’m honoured to be putting the first shovel in the ground at this landmark project, and I look forward to seeing the exciting new opportunities and benefits Future Carrington can bring to the local area over the coming years.”

What she meant was it was the beginning of the end of Partington! we will not see that happen, do not vote Labour next year in protest for many reasons.

We have made sure Partington residents have two candidates from other political parties to vote for, I urge you to do this.


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