Personal theft on the rise in Stretford we offer advice

With the cuts to police numbers it was obvious some crimes will go up, sadly personal theft has risen in Stretford and Old Trafford.


It makes perfect sense to make sure you are aware of your surroundings and try not to have valuables on show.

You are only a target if an individual or individuals know that you have something they can sell, we suggest if you really need your mobile with you to not bring this out, use headphones or a bluetooth device.

We have seen many people walking around with their mobile in the back pocket, for all to see, this is madness, to a criminal you are his or her prey! this is how it works even if you think you have it in control.

Try this for yourself! put your mobile in your jeans pocket now ask someone you know to bump into you, now where was your attention? your focus? if you said your arm you will have answered correctly.

Because all your attention has gone to the arm or in that area, at that very time, you do not feel or know what is going on, you would not feel anyone taking that mobile out of your jeans.

The thief would be down the road and out of sight by the time you realise your super new iPhone is no longer in your pocket, this also goes for anything else they can grab, and not just from jeans either!

Keep all valuables out of sight, in a secure inside pocket this way, you will be less of a target.

If you’re a victim and your mobile has been stolen, try not to panic, if on a contract get on to the network as soon as you can and get the sim card blocked, if it is an iPhone they will ban the handset so nothing can be taken from it or used again.

In most circumstances the network will offer you a replacement, although this depends on the network you are on.


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