Suicidal woman jumps into a freezing Trafford canal yesterday we offer advice if you need urgent help

Police got reports that a woman had jumped into the Bridgewater Canal in Trafford on November 9th.


Image: Darren Marsden

It is thought the woman was trying to take her life and gladly police were able to save the woman and was checked over by paramedics before being taken for a mental health assessment at hospital

Suicide is on the increase, this woman was lucky and many are not so fortunate, we have been told by a leading doctor that Trafford’s suicide rates are the highest in Manchester and little is being done to tackle it.

It is hard to know why someone would go that far to end things, many as we know end up feeling this way due to government benefit cuts, or other things that have happened sometimes beyond our control.

Gladly there is some help, if you are feeling really low or even just want a chat to someone ring 116 123 it’s as simple as that, the Samaritans are on hand 24/7 every day of the year and help many people and everything is completely confidential.

We are fully aware mental health services are stretched now, and sadly people are becoming unwell so your first contact should be with your care co-ordinator, or go to Trafford Crisis Centre at Trafford General or ring 0300 123 393 or text 86463 to talk to someone at Mind who will help you with many things even advocacy.

At one time Trafford had a great advocacy service at Park House in Sale where they helped all types of people with a range of issues, and were also someone to talk to when no one else would understand, funding cuts meant Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service was ended.

Many people with mental health issues are discriminated all over the place this is very true, they should have a voice sadly because they are tagged with a condition many people think they are not of this world or something similar, where the reality is they are as bright or even brighter than the average person!

It must be incredibly difficult for someone with a condition who is not listened to, and even those that claim to care for them discriminate! often only covering there own backsides rather than helping an individual is concerning.

If you see someone in need of serious help then you must call 999 immediately telling them of what is going on and your current location.




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