Multiple aircraft spot bright unexplained objects flying over Ireland

Crews of multiple aircraft have  reported seeing two bright lights and other bright unexplained objects over Ireland.

2018-06-09 09.14.37

Several pilots can be heard talking to Shannon ATC (Air Traffic Control) about two bright lights  and even one pilot of a Ryanair flight mentioned that one was flying at the side of her.

The incident was captured on ATC Live on November 9th just before 7am UK Time which you can hear below:

A captain of a Virgin Atlantic flight also could be heard saying “We saw two bright lights” with a BA captain who spoke about how fast these things was claiming they must have been going Mach 2.

Shannon ATC confirmed no military was in the area and could see nothing on radar of any other aircraft.

A YouTube channel called Secureteam has ben reporting UFO sightings and weird goings on in the world for a long time, some content looks fake however some are genuine and worth taking a look at.

For the crews of all these aircraft that saw something, if they had been sceptical in the past about UFO’s they won’t be now!

An investigation is currently underway.




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