Manchester its congestion and its pollution and is there an answer to this crisis?

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We see, hear and read about it, we are often stuck in it, congestion is a nightmare for many during rush hour and increasingly even during the day in some parts of Manchester.

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Trafford has seen a big increase in vehicles on the roads this year and it is set to get worse, why is this?

It is a number of things, from all the much-needed house and flat building, which increases the population, more people are buying cars sometimes 2 or even 3, a lot of the problems on our roads are to do with parent/s dropping of their kids and picking them up again.

We know many people get in the car just to go to the shop which is just a long jump effort away! it might be nothing to the driver, it is adding to the congestion.

The biggest factor is simply when Trafford Council thumbs up a housing development or small village like the one in Carrington, they have not bothered to think about the road infrastructure.

Without new roads, all these new people will be adding to existing traffic, this traffic now ! is getting out of control, can you imagine what it will be like in the next couple of years or so?

Lets look at Partington where many of the new housing developments are to be built and we expect more in the years to come!

Traffic now on Manchester Road, Warburton Lane, Moss Lane, Sinderland Lane is bad during rush hour and more often than not during the day, over 8000 residents live in the area, and soon to expand to around 12,000.

Then the new Carrington village which will take a longer time to build, so something for the future to worry about!

I ask you to do the maths! how many more cars, vans, taxis will be on them roads in the next couple of years or even sooner! housing developments are built-in no time these days.

Now I ask you another question, how many new roads are going to be built to help relieve this new traffic? only one has been mentioned and that is the A1 road for emergency services only! it is true their has been some talk of extending the A1 road out to Carrington Lane, this though will be met with some resistance from green campaigners from Carrington.

We have not even included the 16 new Peel flats on Central Road, 28 on Lock Lane, and the 50/50 Peel Lock Lane development they have around 3-years to get this built or the land will stay as it is.

Warburton Lane housing development which looks very appealing, will also add more traffic to the area although it is hoped the developer will add a road to Sindeland Lane, although will help.

Trafford also has other developments, Trafford Waters is back on track, the Laurus Homes development is built on Manchester Road in Broadheath just past the college and expect the work inside the flats to be completed fairly soon.

Another block of flats on the other side of Manchester Road is being built and one more near Barrington Road.

New houses will be built at some point where Trafford Courts used to be, no idea how many will be built, it is a big space, other flats further on towards Stretford have been recently built, and another block just before there is currently being converted.

All these new much-needed housing developments is great, for the economy, it is progress, the problem is no one is thinking outside of the bottle! where are all these cars going to go? because almost everyone has a car these days! oddly some who are on benefits and have no money still own a car! how can they ever afford one of these things?

Pollution will rise, not just because of the amount of cars on the road, it is because standing traffic brings about the worst pollution, keep them running and it’s not as bad.

More cycling infrastructure would be a bonus, not painted bits of crap on the road with a fancy bee name that will only frustrate the already frustrated driver even more, taking cyclists away from traffic is the real answer, the beelines thing is something, which is better than nothing, it feels like a fob off to me, this is not making anything safer.

It is going to be a nightmare soon for all road users, it could play into the hands of the cyclist as before too long, before your very eyes, the reality will hit you hard knowing now you cannot go anywhere in your super show off car as the road you used to travel on has run out of space.




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