NHS is struggling in Manchester as hospitals miss targets on everything including mental health

The NHS is struggling and documents seen confirm  hospitals nearest Trafford miss all the targets set including mental health.

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Image: Google Maps

Manchester University NHS trust have missed targets:

  • Waiting times in A&E within 4 hours . target 95% this trust 82.9%
  • Cancer treatment after 62 days from urgent GP referral,  target 85% this trust 81.3%
  • Planned operations within 18 months, target 92% this trust 88.9%
  • Patients starting mental health therapy within 6 weeks of referral, target 75% this trust 73%

These statistics are from October 2018, these stats do not undermine the staff a hospitals who are working as hard as they can, we have seen nurses and doctors working to exhaustion almost in tears!

Looking to see how GP surgeries are doing, Partington’s two surgeries are rated as good, where over 5000 are registered with Dr Deweever’s practice and 3500 with Dr Farhan, the quality commission rates the area as a number 1 which is severely deprived and unknown to many, Partington has a higher rate than the national average of preventable cancers!

Having seen the full report it would seem it would be better to hop to Dr Farhans side.

If you want to see how your doctors, hospitals are doing including mental health services click this link https://www.cqc.org.uk/ you will also find some useful information and the latest reports on a range of services in your area.




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