Now the Redbrook Pub in Partington has gone whats next?

A Partington pub that held so many memories has been demolished and many people are now asking what is going to replace it.

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The Redbrook pub on Oak Road was first built-in 1981 and opened by Greenhall’s as part of new estate on the western side of the estate.

The building was fairly modest, once inside after you got passed security! you were greeted with a fairly large lounge, a bar and a pool room, it was the pool room where most of the locals could be seen.

Sadly the pub even after changing hands could not get the custom it needed to survive, with the majority of Partington residents favouring ‘The Workers’ as its known near Central Road.

More trouble hit the Redbrook Pub during the years 2008/9 as the area had a bad time with all types of criminality, it had been robbed several times.

In the last days of it opening and after all the robberies trade went even lower and hardly anyone went in and it was shut down.

Even when it was shut down, the pub still saw some action with travellers parking up in its large car park, this though was quickly sorted out, although they left behind a heap of rubbish, and in recent times it was torched by vandals.


The decision was to demolish the building that had been standing for decades, the only signs it was there is the colour of the ground a brown lasting memory some will never forget.

It is thought that a new shopping centre and some more flats are to be built that will finally see the end of the out dated shopping area, the shopping area attracts undesirable people,

We saw documents from Your Housing Group this year saying they had plans for a £150m investment into Partington and more so in that same area, it may be that the housing group are waiting to see what happens and add their money to new flats which will help developers to build a proper shopping centre, something the residents in that area of Partington deserve, and certainly will be needed with all the new people set to be living there in the next couple of years.




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