Sir David Attenborough warns the world leaders must act now! on climate change

Climate change is something we are all familiar with, some are getting a taste of what is to come, with more fires, rougher seas, stronger storms and heatwaves.

When Sir David Attenborough speaks everyone tunes in, so today in Poland he told the world what he thought needed to be done and spoke on behalf of the general public all around the world who are also concerned about the survival of our world.

The full transcript is below:

“The world people have spoken their message is clear, time is running out! they want you the decision makers to act now! they are behind you along with civil society represented here today.Supporting in making tough decisions but also willing to make sacrifices in their daily lives.To help make change happen, the United Nations (UN) is launching thee ‘Act now’ bot helping people to discover simple everyday actions they can make, because they recognise that they to can play there part.The people have spoken! Leaders of the world you must lead, the continuation of our civilisations and the natural world upon we depend is in your hands”

We can no longer ignore this,everyone can do there bit and of course the big polluting industries can also make changes, it is not just the UK either! China and India along with other countries need to take strides in cleaning up there act as climate change threatens them also.

Climate change is man-made, we are destroying this planet, we do not have another one to go to, once this ends everything ends and as Sir David Attenborough said “Time is running out”


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