Popular chippy in Sale has had its food hygiene score reduced

Coppice Fish Bar on Coppice Avenue in Sale is without any doubt one of the best take-aways in the business serving very nice meals.

Last month they had a visit by Trafford Environmental Health inspectors and was given a lower foody hygeine rating score from a 3 down to a 2.

The inspector found they was storing much of the food including raw meat and chicken in cardboard boxes, the rear was full of water which rightly they asked them to clean up.

More shockingly was that they did not have a RCD for the potato machines which puts them at risk of an electric shock.

Inspectors found dirt in many places at that time including the rice machine, freezers were covered in dirty cardboard and they found no proper access to the toilet which means they could not get to the sink to wash hands, the toilet was dirty.

Inspectors also found the cooks had little understanding about allergens, and cross contamination, and ordered management to get the staff to go on a training course.

Coppice Fish Bar will continue to be a very popular take away, however some may have second thoughts, more so if they have an allergy or concerned about the lack of knowledge from the cooks, you can though ask  instore or over the phone to make sure the food you are getting does not contain anything you cannot eat, we were concerned though with cross contamination in the fryer which could again cause issues for people with an allergy.

We expect the take away to have followed the advice given by inspectors and should get back to a 3 or maybe higher next time around.


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