Pick pockets on the prowl at the Trafford Centre

Trafford police have warned people going into the Trafford Centre to be on the look out for pick pockets as at that time two people have had things stolen from them.

The way these people work is like a nasty magic trick all of its own, so how do you protect yourself from being the next victim? 

  • Keep switched on
  • Keep your head up 
  • All valuables need to be hidden in an inside pocket if possible or in a zipped up front pocket
  • Handbags must go around your shoulder and under the arm at all times, never leave a bag or handbag hanging around.
  • Do not ever put your mobile in your back pocket even if you think you will be fine! these guys will have your mobile faster than you can react! 

Pickpockets work in different ways one of the most common tactics is to bump into you, or even distraction.

The bump into method or tap on the shoulder is one tool picpockets use, for example try this for yourself, get a partner, or family member or friend to walk past you, with your mobile in your back pocket, ask him or her to bump into you, at that time ask he or she to take the mobile and then you will see the trick.

At the time of the bump into all your attention and focus will be on that part of the body, and at that same time the rest of you is like an open door, if the person bumps into you fairly quick and a little bit strong you would not know what they have just done.

Pick pocketing is not nice, and we hope our advice keeps you and your belongings safe at all times, remembering a trained pick pocket will target those half a sleep, or so busy they can no longer focus, and they prey on those with their heads down.


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