Flights affected after drones seen hovering around Gatwick airport

Many drones have been seen flying around Gatwick Airport during last night and this morning which meant the airport had to close down.


All flights in and out of the airport have been either diverted or in some cases have been cancelled.

The airport says the earliest it will re open is around 4pm however we now understand this will be extended, police and now the army are looking for the operators of the drones, although they will not shoot down the drones due to the fear of a stray bullet bouncing off one and hitting someone on the ground or even an aircraft.

Drones are not allowed around an airfield due to safety, and anyone caught flying one will be punished, new laws on drone flying can be found here https://dronesafe.uk/

Police have searched for the operators who they believe have spare batteries for their drones, since after around 20 mins most batteries die out.

An incident also happened at Manchester Airport in recent times, the Gatwick closure also meant flights from Manchester was affected.


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