Old Trafford chippy given a poor food hygiene rating score

Hong Kong Chippy on Henrietta Street in Old Trafford has just been given a 1 food hygiene rating score by Environmental Health officers from Trafford.

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Through freedom of information request we can reveal some of the things that the inspectors were not very pleased with.

Inspectors gave a set of instructions to the chippy and some of which had to be done with immediate effect they are:

  • Management needs to have a documented food safety management plan and allergen management.
  • Pest control to the rear of the building
  • Deep clean the premises including the kitchen and rear rooms ensuring all equipment used are clean and sanitized.
  • More allergen information in the shop must be clearly seen by customers.

Unusually we normally have a bigger report than what we got, however with what we have is enough to say when the inspectors came the chippy was filthy throughout, and pests were ‘probably’ seen by inspectors at the rear of the property or it was known to inspectors of a pest problem and the chippy did not have anything down to control it.

Allergen information must be shown and expect this chippy to comply with immediate effect to ensure its customers are safe.

Hong King Chippy back in the day used to be the chippy of Old Trafford, the then boss calling himself Lee was a great man and so was his family, everyone knew them and cooked some of the best meals ever.

It seems the chippy now is in the hands of someone else and obviously not looking after it as well.

We expect Hong Kong Chippy to be completely clean and the right pest control in place, and expect them to have a much higher rating when inspectors come back to visit.

When inspectors give a score it is on that day, and a score can go low by simply a chippy not doing the paper work, it might sound nothing to the customers, however something like this is incredibly important so you do not end up getting ill or worse.

A 1 food hygiene rating score is very poor, the scale goes from 0 which is the lowest up to a 5 which is the best score, often a take away will have a 3 or 4 which is acceptable.


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