London bound aircraft makes emergency landing in Brazil

A Latam Boeing 777-3 (LA-8084) with 341 passengers and 16 crew on board had to make an emergency landing in Brazil.

The captain declared the emergency on December 20 and diverted from Sao Paulo to Belo Horizonte, the aircraft was on its way to London Heathrow.

Electrical problems caused the aircraft sysyems to malfunction, the aircraft  though came in to land very heavy, and  on landing all its tyres blew up.

It is also thought that the aircraft had its Ram Air Turbine deployed which is a small wind turbine that opens up to generate a small amount of power to keep an aircraft flying.

Passengers on board claim all lights and entertainment systems were out and an odd smell was present in the cabin.

A hydraulic jack was brought out so the aircraft which was stuck on a runway could get its tyres replaced, once they managed this and with air in the tyres, the aircraft was able to move to a safe location.

No one was injured and all passengers and crew although understandably shaken up were taken to safety.


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