Christmas is a time for celebration and one for reflection

Christmas is a time for celebration, fun and being with the family, the joys of opening presents and eating a dinner then settling down for a much earned rest for the parent or parents who make Christmas so special.

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Santa will have delivered all his presents (so long as he is not with a well-known courier beginning with Y)  and a job well done he will then head back to lapland before the new day comes.

It is though a time for reflecting how lucky some of us are, when many people and more than ever this year spend Christmas on the streets or in shelters, many through no fault of their own.

We made a donation to a children’s charity this year, making sure a child will have a present to open, our hearts and thoughts are with the children, Christmas is a time where kids of all ages get really excited, it starts well before Christmas, many guessing as to what they will get.

For some though they will not have any Christmas, circumstances may mean mum and dad cannot afford much this year, they may not even have anything due to this most evil government, the worst ever here in the UK.

Some kids sadly have bad parents, who prefer to spend any money they get on there addictions than help put a meal on the table, and a few presents under the tree, we know this happens! sitting their in a chair likely in the cold drinking tea and smoking away!

No thoughts for themselves or the kids that often are crying because they are hungry, crying because they know all their mates will have new iPhones, Nike or Adidas trainers, the latest United kit and other things.

Christmas is a time for giving, feel charitable, help those who cannot have any Christmas this year, you will feel so proud of yourself! the effort and the overwhelming delight in the knowledge you will have made a child smile is truly worth it, the magic of Christmas.

Have a great Christmas and all the best from all at News4Trafford


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