120 people fighting outside Kings Ransom in Sale could see the pub close its doors

Police responded to calls from Trafford Council CCTV controllers over a large fight taking place outside the Kings Ransom pub in Sale on December 18th at around 2am.


Pic: Darren Marsden

It is claimed there was two fights that night, the first involved mostly women and once the pub shut its doors at 2am more people became involved and another fight took place as police arrived.

By the time police did arrive they reported that over 120 people were hanging around and causing problems, police called for back up as the crowd got bigger but no support was available.

One officer during the fight had to activate his emergency alarm.

It seems the pub shut its doors and did not call police, they simply kicked everyone out and right into a huge fight, it is unacceptable that innocent people would have been caught up in this which must have been a frightening experience.

All of Trafford’s officers were called to the scene which put everyone else in the borough at risk that night.

Because of the violence and other incidents at the pub. police are now asking the licensing committee at the council to suspend its licence until a full review is made.

We have contacted the Kings Ransom pub for a response sadly they did not respond.


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