Police handed new powers to tackle drone misuse

Police have been given new powers by the government to tackle drone operators who do not comply with the laws.

drone flying against blue sky

From November 2019 all operators will need to have a licence and take an online test to be able to fly a drone.

The government want to get drone makers to include software within a drone so it will operate within the rules, although this will be difficult with some of the Chinese drones and it could be possible to jail break it.

Under the new laws you will not be able to fly any drone for 3.1 miles all around the airport, now this also means City Airport in Salford, so anyone in Timperley, Hale Barns, Hale and at the edge of Altrincham could be in trouble even if you have all documentation.

Some drone operators will see that police are stretched and the likelihood of them being caught simply having fun in a local park is remote at best, however we are telling operators and anyone within 3.1 miles around Manchester Airport and City Airport in Salford not to fly your drone, make sure you are outside of the no fly zone.

Police can also make you land the drone and take it away from you including the data stored on it, although most drones stores the data onto a mobile phone, and nothing is mentioned about that, although it seems you will be fine, we suggest to use a remote device like an iPod touch or something other than a mobile phone.

You can view the full document here … https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/769128/future-of-drones-in-uk-consultation-response-web.pdf


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