Laurel and Hardy stayed in a Sale hotel whilst on tour in 1947

The world famous Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy stayed over in Sale when they were on tour in 1947.

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They stayed in the Brooklands Hotel on Marsland Road in Sale, the hotel which was built-in 1872 was pulled down in 1972, Marsland House now sits where it was demolished.

Laurel and Hardy were playing in Bolton at the time, on a tour of the UK, they played at two venues in Central Manchester during that year.

The comedy duo made many films from 1927 to 1955, and big names starred in many of them including Peter Cushing when he starred in ‘A chump of Oxford’

Stan Laurel was born in Cumbria in 1890 and died in 1965 aged 74, he was a heavy smoker and had a heart attack he died peacefully.

Oliver Hardy was born in 1892 in Georgia in US, he was also a heavy smoker and had a small heart attack in 1954, he lost so much weight in such a short time he was barely recognisable, he suffered a big stroke in 1956 which left him in bed and unable to talk for several months, he had another couple of strokes and slipped into a coma, he died from cerebral thrombosis  on Aug 7th 1957 he was 65.

Both are buried in the United States and still are without any question are the kings of comedy and still making people laugh today.


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