Recorded crime statistics show no overall increase in Partington

Partington can be feeling a little better today as the statistics show no real overall increase in crime from last year.

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The records show 1,053 total recorded crimes for 2017 and 1.054 last year, with the worst month in 2018 being August with a total of 116 recorded crimes.

In August 2018 the worst roads that saw the most crime was Central Road and Sussex Road, also Cedar Road had high crime figures.

Recorded crime is not the biggest picture, many crimes are not reported and police have told us on several occasions they do not make out a report which gives a misleading picture of overall crime rates for any one area.

Crime will increase even more as thousands of new people swamp the area in the next couple of years or even sooner, we know about the police cuts and how that has impacted everyone in Trafford, so what will this mean to Partington in real terms? if they are lucky they will get an additional officer!

As it stands now after looking at the figures again, Partington has over 9000 residents, each year recorded crime is around 1000, in the next couple of years the population (if all the housing developments are built) will be around the 12,000 mark.

Crime will rocket in Partington to around 1.500 or more, although that is only an estimate it shows to us that not only roads and shop infrastructure is needed, (and gladly proposals for two new roads and an extension to the shopping centre will see the light of day) but also crime needs to be looked at in a serious way.

As of now though the crumb of comfort for the area is that there is no rise in crime although still high than it should be, is still something people can feel better about, where other areas of Trafford sadly have seen much higher increases in crime year in and year out.



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