Total lunar eclipse and a blood moon can be seen on Monday

On Monday morning everyone in Manchester will be able to see a total lunar eclipse with a blood moon at the same time.


You will have to stay awake though to see this event and hope that it’s a clear night, the eclipse starts at 2.36am and ends at 7.48am so if you got up at around 6am you be able to see the back-end of the eclipse.

So why does the moon go red, well its to do with the earths atmosphere and the light spectrum, some colours in the spectrum of light are blocked out and so the moon has a red tint to it, the same reason why we see a red/orange sunrise and sunset the scientific name for this is called Rayleigh Scattering.

With or without the science behind a blood moon eclipse, with hope and luck Manchester will be clear in the early hours of Monday morning giving those tha have stayed a wake a real treat.

If you do go out remember to keep wrapped up warm and get the setting right on your DSLR, we suggest using a tripod if you have one.


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