Mayor opens a barber shop in Sale and unveils a cryptic mural

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham officially opened a barber shop in Sale and unveiled a mural.

Over a hundred people turned out to see the event, although had to wait for over half an hour, once the mayor did turn up he apologised for being late and blamed the traffic conditions, and told everyone “I am sorry I kept you outside in the cold a bit longer than should have been I wish someone would do something about the traffic don’t you, better move on from that touchy subject”

The mayor went on to tell everyone that the barbers “Skull Fades” is more than just a business, Skull Fades changes people’s lives, they do what they do every day with a real purpose, to run a good business but more than that to try to chang the way things are give people more support and give them there hope back”

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Burnham went on to tell people about how he got to know the owner of Skull Fades in the City Centre when he used to cut hair under the name “Street Cuts”

The mayor praised Jed and Skull fades saying that they do lots of work with refugees all around the world, and expects the business will go from strength to strength, it would have been great had the shivering group of people had told Burnham about all the other shops shutting down in Sale, we believe due to the high rents.

Once all was done Burnham and the owner Jed cut the red ribbon and had a nice glass of Champagne.

The mural unveiled by Burnham was a spray painting of a skull with what looks like a crown on its head, with two barbers cutting hair and writing above saying “The greatest gift we can give is of ourselves” very cryptic to the many looking on.

We wish Jed all the best with the business and thank the Mayor for coming down giving up his time and delighting the on looking crowd of shivering people.



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