5g and what you need to know

Mobile phone technology gets better year in and year out, from handsets to the very things that make them all work.

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For a mobile network to operate it needs masts, you will have seen them dotted around the place often a light grey colour and on a huge long pole.

This type of mast is normally 2g, 3g and 4g all operating on that mast, at different frequencies, however not powerful enough unless you was on top of it to cause any real problems.

5G works in a completely new way, although still using the 4G masts we all see and know about, it needs antennas for it to work, and all of these will be soon seen on top of street lights and on sides of buildings they will also be in mast form.

The reason why there will be so many of these things, is because it only travels a short distance, the 5G technology uses a thing called MM waves, and works better when nothing is obstructing the signal.

5G works up to 36ghz normal 4G up to 2.6ghz and UTMS 1800 mhz.

People including councillors are often using the ‘Conspiracy’ theory to brush away any complaints, without first fully looking at what 5G is, this is no conspiracy, 5G is not a good technology and we all have to do whatever we can to stop this roll out.

Normally a technology will have to be passed as safe, 5G has not even been tested! this is fact, and we believe the government own 5G.

If you look at the frequencies involved it is frightening to think 5G is on the same frequency as military weaponry! the Active Denial System, although a much lesser power.

We urge councillors and people to look into this technology, before commenting, we have already read one of the most insane and completely inaccurate statements from someone within the political world about 5G.

Conspiracy is something we do not get involved in, its senseless, stupid and puts some people into fear mode, the health effects of 5G is none of that, and we need everyone on board asking questions before it is too late.

Asking networks will not result in any reasonable answers, and expect them to be in favour of it due to the money involved.

We ask you to talk to your councillors and MP and to stop this roll out as soon as possible.

5G has already caused problems, a European network tested 5G on a park, and all the birds were dead! they found them all dead on the ground, some people experienced increased nose bleeds and headaches.

It will cause some animals to die, and ohers to have health issues, 5G will not kill anyone! this is not a conspiracy, 5G will cause a range of health issues, and could lead to death and more cancers.

The worry we have is the control issue, at that frequency it can be used by law enforcement, in the US we believe a jail in Los Angeles is already using the technology, the MM waves are used to disperse people with a burning sensation that heats up so warm that the only thing you can do is to move away.

A MM wave is focused, it does not act in the same way as a normal mobile phone signal.


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