19th century bridge in Sale saved from demolition

A bridge that was made in the 19th century has been saved from demolition due to the hard work by campaigners.


Picture credit: Sale Civic Society

Jackson’s boat bridge that was built-in 1816 back then it was a wooden bridge, this was destroyed and rebuilt as ametal bridge we know now in 1881 and goes over the river Mersey in Sale was to be destroyed after the council decided it was unsafe for people to cross.

Campaigners, Sale Civic Society and local people including the Victorian Society helped save this historical bridge and instead of the council demolishing it, the bridge will now have some maintenance done so that everyone can cross it safely.

The bridge was onced charged, with a toll booth installed, those on foot was charged half a penny and for those on a bike was charged 1p, it was destroyed in 1940.




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